Shot in Miami, Florida John Cameron was the Visual Effects Supervisor of the shoot that embraced a Blade Runner creative for the green screen studio shoot. Leading the post creative and pipeline creation, John oversaw a team of visual effects artists located in Los Angeles and Montreal executing over 120 shots.

The entirely created CG background creative was a combination of Nuke compositing and 3D matte paintings done originally for the video. Car shots were done practically with Nicki and Quavos with projected graphic backgrounds. Holograms were shot on green screen, treated and animated. Shots were digitally painted and conform, colour grade and output was all handled in the same pipeline.

The video is now over 450 million views featuring Migos, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Directed by Bradley + Pablo + Quavo

DP: Mathieu Plainfossé + Joe Labisi

Producers: Fuliane Petikyan + Sara Lacombe + Kevin Kloecker

VFX: META Productions + Real by Fake