OPener - blackfly


Flying cars - from impossible to inevitable

For over 9 years the future of personal flying transportation has been secretly worked on in a discreet lab in Silicon Valley.  Opener's Black Fly will liberate travelers from the restrictions of two-dimensional road travel and opening up a new world of unfeathered three-dimensional flight.

Christopher Petry produced and directed Opener's public release video of BlackFly which was launched exclusively on CBS Morning News and subsequently picked up across the globe by national news outlets. Filmed with an Alberta based film crew on site near Opener's lab in California the Blackfly was flown by Opener's own engineers and shot with a combination of cameras including the Arri Alexa Mini with anamorphic lenses and drone camera work.

After wrapping production in California, all post-production editorial and colour finishing was handled in house working directly with Opener throughout the evolution and public launch of the BlackFly.


M83's Outro from their album "Hurry Up We're Dreaming" supports the visually stunning shots of the BlackFly in flight, on land and in water.

A compact personal aircraft, the BlackFly promises to provide people the freedom to live in the country, while still being able to work in the city all for the price of a SUV. Running on an electric battery the BlackFly is quiet and amphibious being able to take off and land on fresh water.